Posted by Taki on September 15, 2013 

We do not advertise for money here, we only link to sites that either belong to family members and friends, or present content that we think consider useful.

The list itself is sorted strictly alphabetically:

  • Auto Baumann in Prittriching: Roberts freie Werkstatt. Dort wird alles repariert und zwar mit Verstand und Herz... +++ A garage/car repair shop that will delight you!
  • Deutsche Telekom: Mein Arbeitgeber und zuverlässiger Partner in Sachen Telekommunikation. +++ My employer and reliable telecommunication provider.
  • Iris Esposito: Meine Tochter und Linuistin, Iris! +++ My daughter and linguist, Iris!
  • David Gilmour: Die Homepage von David Gilmour. +++ David Glimour's homepage. Do I need to add anything else? No!
  • Iron Maiden: ... up the Irons!!
  • Schreinerei Stephan Mayr: Stephan ist Schreiner mit Leib und Seele... +++ Stephan is a friend and dedicated carpenter.
  • FetterZocker: FetterZocker, die Webseite meines Schwiegersohns Patrick Esposito +++ FetterZocker is my son's in law, Patrick Esposito, website!